The Peace Lily: Why It Is A Great Choice To Send As A Funeral Flower

When it comes to choosing flowers to send to a funeral you want to send something that not only looks great but has meaning and will bring comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The peace lily is a great choice that will continue to bring joy and comfort to the grieving family long after the funeral services are over. 

A peace lily's meaning

If you are intrigued by the meaning of various flowers, you are not alone. Flowers and plants are often chosen for the meaning they represent, especially when being sent to a funeral. Flowers are used to communicate a message to the grieving family when there are no words to say that can bring comfort.

The peace lily is associated with bringing peace, which is always important when a loved one is lost. They also represent comfort, which every grieving family needs. The peace lily symbolizes compassion, which makes the flowers a perfect fit for a funeral service.

Lasting beauty

Although traditional funeral flowers are lovely, many floral arrangements are only enjoyed until the funeral service is over and then they are left at the graveside to wither away. Sending a peace lily is like giving a gift that will keep on giving. The family of the deceased loved one will have a beautiful memorial plant that they can enjoy at home.

Associated with air purification

Some houseplants and flowers are noted for being helpful in purifying the air inside a home. The peace lily is one of these special plants that is thought to be helpful in filtering the air and purifying it. The recipient of a peace lily will not only be getting a houseplant that provides aesthetic value but one that may help keep the air inside the home cleaner and healthier.

Ease of care

Nobody wants a flower or plant that is tedious to care for and the peace lily is one that nearly anyone can manage. Peace lilies love indirect light and do not require a lot of watering. Peace lilies will exhibit drooping leaves when they need to be watered and will appreciate a misting with water about once a week to keep them happy and healthy, which makes them a low-maintenance plant.

The peace lily is a beautiful plant that will keep on providing comfort and beauty as a houseplant long after a funeral has passed. The peace lily can last a long time with the right care. Caring for a peace lily is not difficult making it one of the easier houseplants to grow and an appreciated memorial flower for any funeral.

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