Custom Bouquets

Saying you're sorry, wishing your mother a happy Mother's Day, or welcoming the birth of a new baby are all events that constitute the exchange of a beautiful bouquet. Your local florist has all of the flowers, plants, and adornments that are needed to create a custom bouquet for each person on your gift recipient list.

Seasonal And Traditional Floral Arrangements

The season of the year or the tradition that is associated with a specific event may inspire you to have a certain bouquet type made at a local florist. Roses, carnations, and other floral varieties that represent love can be used for a bouquet that you will be giving to your mother or another loved one. Light pastel-colored flowers that are either pink or blue are appropriate to use for a bouquet that will be used to welcome the birth of a new baby. Baby's breath is a flower variety that could be truly symbolic of a birth, since the name 'baby' is in its title.

Living Bouquets

Some florists sell living bouquets. These floral arrangements contain flowering and nonflowering plants that are contained within a small dirt holder. A florist can arrange the flowers to look like a traditional bouquet by gently securing them with a bow. The recipient of this type of bouquet can enjoy the bouquet while it is displayed on a counter or a table.

Once they are ready to transition the bouquet into a permanent floral display, they can transfer the dirt and the plants into a pot or they can move the plants outdoors and add them to a flowerbed. The types of living bouquets that a florist features may be dependent upon the region or the season. 

Custom Displays

A florist will either create a custom display for a customer or will sell independent flowers and plants that a customer can use to create their own bouquet. A consumer should choose a way to secure all of the flowering blooms and nonflowering plants that they select. A cone holder, a vase, or a small decorative tin or plastic holder can be used to contain the stems of the plants that are purchased.

Using colorful sheets of tissue paper is another way to contain a group of plants. After the plant stems are clipped, the stems can be grouped together. All of the flowering blooms and nonflowering plants can be laid across the tissue paper. Once the paper is wrapped around the stems, the edges of the paper can be secured.

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