5 Places To Decorate With Flowers In Your Church Wedding Venue

Are you planning a church wedding? This traditional venue remains a popular choice for many couples, but it's also a space that few couples have experience decorating. Where should you decorate your church venue with flowers and how? Here are five great ideas. 

1. The Altar

The best place to put flowers where they will make a long-lasting impact is at the altar where you will say 'I do'. The size of flower arrangements here should be tempered by the size of the venue and how far away from your audience you will be. But first, check with church management to determine what you are allowed to place at the altar. 

2. The Pews

Pew decorations are an easy and traditional choice for flowers. Pew flowers hang on the side of the pews that will line the aisle for the wedding. Have fun with pew flowers by choosing a style that fits your theme and wedding vibe. This could be small wreaths, a bouquet, a spray of flowers, lanterns decorated with blooms, or even just greenery. 

3. The Runner

Are you going to put down an aisle runner? If so, you have an added opportunity to decorate with flowers by sprinkling petals on the runner itself. An aisle full of soft petals provides an added element of romance and is easy to execute. Just make sure you use these in conjunction with a runner that will help keep them from becoming a mess. 

4. The Foyer

If you have a larger flower budget, splash out on flowers in the entrance or foyer of the church. This makes a stunning impact on guests as they arrive at the venue. This is also a great place to spend your flower budget if you can't decorate the altar area.

5. The Approach

Finally, talk to church management about decorating the exterior of the church. If your budget is larger, line the steps of the church with oversized arrangements or add a large flower arch over the main doors. Those with a smaller budget might add large arrangements to either side of the door or use garlands and greenery to spice up the front walkway. 

Want more ideas for using flowers in your particular church venue? Start by consulting with a florist in your area today. Together, you'll find the perfect balance to honor your traditional venue while staying true to your wedding vision. 

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