Five Reasons To Send Flowers Right Now!

Sending a person flowers has been a way to communicate emotions and spread kindness for ages. History shows that this tradition dates back to ancient times. During this trying time of social isolation, quarantines and seclusion, communication with others has changed, and sending flowers to those you care about may be a perfect way to show that you care.

The World Health Organization says that the likelihood of COVID-19 being spread through transportation of commercial goods is fairly low. Many flower shops are still creating arrangements to be delivered through delivery services. There are many reasons why you should send flowers right now!

Flowers can uplift people.

This is a strange time. Many people are missing loved ones they can't see in person. Activities that people have been anticipating have been cancelled. People are either working long hours in jobs deemed "essential" or are trying to work from home. Many people have lost their jobs. Children can't go to school so they are home all day. There is a lot of sadness, hopelessness and disappointment. Flowers have the potential to raise spirits and uplift people during trying times. It shows them that they matter and that you are thinking about them.

Birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays still occur.

Just because a virus has flipped the whole world upside down doesn't mean that holidays cease to exist. When you can't see a loved one in person, sending flowers is a great way to still acknowledge and celebrate special occasions.

Flowers add beauty.

Flowers are aesthetically pleasing. They are beautiful, colorful and smell wonderful. Beauty tends to illicit positive feelings in people.

Flowers send a message about you.

Flowers actually have the potential to send a message about the type of person you are. Studies have been done that show that people who send flowers are viewed as strong, capable and happy. If you send flowers, you are often considered to be an emotionally intelligent person. Other people may actually find you more attractive if you send flowers.

Flowers reduce negative emotions.

The current situation, with most people being told to shelter in place, social distance or quarantine for an undetermined amount of time, is causing a lot of depression, anxiety and stress. People are not able to engage in self-care like they normally would when faced with stressful situations. Flowers tend to reduce anxiety in those that receive them.

Sending flowers is always a great way to reach out and show someone that you care about them. In difficult times, receiving flowers can really turn a person's day around.

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