Use Holly Sprigs And Evergreen Branches To Make Festive Arrangements

If you work in an office setting and usually face the dilemma of deciding what type of gift to give each of your co-workers during the holidays, think about making some festive flower arrangements this year that contain holly sprigs and fresh evergreen branches. The arrangements can be placed inside of handpainted vases and your peers can enjoy the gifts throughout the holiday season.

Contact A Florist

Even though you won't be needing holly sprigs and evergreen branches right away, it is still beneficial to contact a florist to acquire a price list for the greenery that you will be using to create each arrangement. 

If you have a long list of people who will be receiving a gift from you and you are planning on purchasing a lot of holly sprigs and branches, inquire about delivery fees so that you can have your purchases dropped off at your home when you are ready to assemble the arrangements.

A florist can advise you on how to preserve the holly berries, leaves, and evergreen clippings so that the finished arrangements contain vibrant colors on the day that you give the gifts to your co-workers. 

Purchase And Paint The Vases

Purchase greenery clippers, glass or plastic vases, floral foam, craft paint, glazing compound, brushes, stencils, name tags, holiday cards, envelopes, and candy canes. Begin by painting the name of each of your co-workers across the front of each vase.

Use the stencils as basic guides when painting the names on each vase so that the lettering that is added is straight and uniform. Once the paint has dried, apply a clear glazing compound over the names. 

Order Holly Berry Sprigs And Evergreen Branches And Fill The Vases

After ordering the greenery from a florist, set up a delivery or make plans to pick up your purchases. If you would like to stablize the holly sprigs and evergreen branches in each vase, cut small pieces of floral foam and use them to anchor the greenery stems.

Place one piece of foam in each vase. Use a pair of greenery clippers to trim the end of each berry sprig or branch. Insert the stem tips into the foam pieces.

Add equal amounts of holly and evergreen to each vase. Fill the vases with fresh water. Fill out the holiday cards and place each one in an envelope. Write the name of a co-worker on each envelope. Tape a candy cane to one edge of each envelope. 

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