Tips for Ordering Flowers Online or Over the Phone

Sending flowers to someone is a lovely way to let them know that you care and are thinking about them. The simplest way to do so is to either order the flowers online or over the phone, but of course this means you may miss out on some of the preorder advice that a florist offers in person. The following tips can help replace some of that advice so your remote order goes more smoothly.

Tip #1: Know your delivery window

Many flower delivery services allow you to set up a specific delivery window, which is designed to ensure that someone is at the receiving address when the flower arrive. When scheduling your delivery take a few minutes to determine a time when someone will be home – you don't want the flowers left on a doorstep or taken back to the shop. Sometimes it's easier to schedule a delivery to their workplace, since you can be assured that someone will be there to accept the flowers.

Tip #2: Get tracking

Ask the delivery service about tracking. Most florists, both online and over the phone, now provide you with a way to digitally track your order so you can see exactly when it arrives. Make sure your order comes with this service since this is the single best way of verifying that your order was delivered as promised.

Tip #3: Choose between cut and potted

Arrangements come in two key varieties, cut or potted. Cut flowers, or bouquets, are a popular option for roses, daffodils, and other vase flowers. You are usually given the option of having the bouquet delivered wrapped or in a vase – always opt for a vase so that the recipient doesn't have to rush to find and prepare a container as soon as the flower are delivered. Potted arrangements provide more choices, such as succulent arrangements, and are longer lasting, but not everyone appreciates them. Only send potted arrangements to those you know enjoy houseplants and that have a green thumb.

Tip #4: Read the fine print

If you are ordering online, check the fine print beneath the arrangements you are looking at. Often it is stated somewhere that the independent florists fulfilling the orders may make substitutions for certain flowers in the arrangements if they don't have the correct ones. If this is the case, then note the dame of the independent florist and give them a quick call after placing your order. This gives you a chance to find out if any substitutions are necessary and allows you to give input on what you would like to use as the substitution flower.

For more help, contact a flower delivery service in your area.

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