Want a Fabulous Bridal Shower Game? Make a Flower Crown Station

If you're looking for a fun way to liven up a bridal shower, making flower crowns can be a crowd pleaser. This simple technique gives all your special guests and loved ones a chance to express their creativity and feel beautiful. If you're not sure how to do it, here is a handy guide to creating and leading a flower crown party.

Prepare the Flowers. The flowers for your flower crowns can be any style you like -- from soft pastel rosebuds and baby's breath to large, bold colored carnations. Work with your local flower store to choose a variety of bud styles, sizes, and colors to help your guests find just the right mixture to fit their tastes. Be sure to include some greenery and leaves that can help hide the wire bases of crowns and fill them out as well. To help your chosen flowers stay healthy to and through the party, trim about an inch off the bottom of each stem and put them in water (with flower food if possible) for at least an hour before the work will begin. This makes for hydrated, supple flowers and stems.

Make a Station. At your bridal shower, create a flower crown station with all the goodies your guests will need. This generally includes:

  • the flowers and greenery (separated into bunches or containers)
  • shears
  • floral tape
  • floral wire
  • fun accessories, like pearls or faux gems on wires

Lead the Guests' Efforts. Show your guests how to attach flowers and greens to the crowns. It's a fairly simple process, but you may need to practice it a few times yourself before the party. This is the basic outline of steps:

  • Wrap a length of floral wire loosely around your head or bun. Cut it and wrap the ends so they don't poke the person's head.
  • Wrap some greenery around the wire (unless you start with moss covered wire or something similar) and secure it with small bits of floral wire and/or floral tape.
  • Clip each flower or bud about 1-2 inches below the flower. Lay the stem along a section of wire and wrap another bit of wire around it to keep it in place.
  • Add more flowers and accessories until the crown is full and all the wire is covered. 

Your guests can make different styles of crowns, as well. While most crowns are wrapped around the head, they can also be fitted for use around a bun or left open to wrap around an up-do. If someone isn't feeling very confident or ambitious, suggest they make a flower headband style instead.

Celebrate Your Crowns. When your guests have finished their creations, take pictures for everyone to remember the day by. You can also award prizes for the best, most fun, or most offbeat creations. Or you may want to have guests make crowns for the bride as a special gift. Just be sure to have fun with it!

Flower crown parties are fun for everyone and can be a great way to encourage mingling and picture-taking on this special day. So, no matter whether your guests are 8 or 80, help them join in on the fun and come away with a unique party favor they'll love forever. 

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