Budget Friendly Floral Trends To Follow For Your Big Day

While many people tend to take the presence of flowers at a wedding for granted, the use of fresh blooms for momentous occasions is ancient. Just as design and fashions trends come and go, so do wedding and flower trends. If you want to make sure that your wedding day floral displays stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests, take a look at some trends for your big day.

Local Harvest

The farm-to-table trend has never been hotter, with restaurants and farms joining forces to offer fresh choices in food. That trend is repeated when it comes to flowers. Not only does using locally-grown flowers show pride of place, but also tend to be less expensive. Your florist should be your first stop, with many now skipping the refrigerated shipments from far away and sourcing locally.

You can kick the whole locally-grown trend up a notch by using foraged flowers. While this idea could prompt imaginings of you and your fiance picking roadside wildflowers, that may not be necessary. Often your friends' and family's gardens produce an inexpensive and heartfelt variety of homegrown blooms to make your day special while also allowing them to take part in your wedding in a unique manner. Foraged flowers are perfect for more casually themed weddings, such as barn and outdoor weddings in rustic settings.

Pick a Color

Something as simple as color choices can ensure that your wedding in on trend. Every year, the color experts at Pantone choose a color of the year, and for 2016 they choose two colors. Rose quartz and serenity, both soft pastel shades that complement each other, make perfect choices for your big day. Rose quartz is a soft, warm-hued pink shade, and serenity is a soft and calming blue shade. As a bonus, dying your blooms may not be necessary, since plenty of flowers already wear these colors. Consider, for example, roses, hydrangeas and delphiniums.

Wearable Blooms

Your wedding day is meant to be special, and a crown of fresh flowers creates a fresh, young and hopeful appearance. Crowns of flowers are in no way new, but this look has seen a recent resurgence. Use the crown to anchor your veil, or simply weave fresh blooms into your up-do. Floral crowns are never more appropriate than on your little flower girl, and they can look charming on your attendants as well.

Be sure to speak to your local florist for more trendy, but affordable looks for your special day.



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