3 Outrageously Fun Party Gifts for a Host Who Has Been Ill

When you plan to attend the holiday party of a friend or family member who has been ill, you may find yourself wondering what you could possibly get the host that would be fun, fresh, and original. After all, showing up to a party with the same gift that others have brought would be worse than showing up in the same dress as a fellow reveler! Instead, if the person has been ill, show up with a gift that can bring on the fun and help them forget that the last time they got get-well flowers was in the hospital! The good times can roll when you consider giving your formerly ill host one of these outrageously fun host gifts.

Gift Idea #1: A Gingerbread House That Looks Like Their Home

Okay, you don't have to get too crazy with this one, but bringing a gingerbread house to a holiday party can make you very popular with guests that have a sweet tooth! When you bring one that is shaped like the host's home, they may be so thrilled that they don't even let guests eat it, as it is sure to be a party focal point. Now, you don't have to go too crazy with this one. You can simply get a few premade gingerbread-house sets and improvise changes based on the size and shape of the person's home. Use icing to match the house colors. It doesn't have to be exact to be easy for people to see that you tried to recreate the host's home.

Gift Idea #2: A Customized Floral Arrangement to Suit Their Home

If you know what the host's home looks like, order a customized get-well floral arrangement that will match the color scheme of the main area of the home. When in doubt, customize the arrangement with what you do know about the host. For example, if you know that the host is a fanatic about a sports team, you can choose a bouquet with the team's colors. If you don't know too much about the host or the home, go with a customized holiday-themed bouquet and perhaps one that comes in a gift vase. You are sure to get a lot of praise from the host and guests alike.

Gift Idea #3: A Centerpiece with Meaning

Another gift that will be greeted with delight is a centerpiece for the party that has special meaning for the hostess. You can work with a florist on a centerpiece or buy a bouquet and then weave the flowers into a centerpiece. An example of this would be a basket for someone who loves snowmen. You can blanket the bottom of the basket with fake snow, choose gifts such as a snowman-themed cup and a snowman figurine, and surround those gifts with a variety of white flowers from the florist. Make a centerpiece that keeps the interests of the host in mind. They will be wowed by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail involved in such a gift.

Finally, keep in mind that a gift that's chosen with care will likely be appreciated by the host who has been ill. When the gift is something that's unexpected, that's even better. Try one of these gifts at the next party you attend, and prepare to be on the receiving end of a lot of gratitude and maybe even some hugs of thanks! 

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