3 Tips For Creating A Holiday Centerpiece

Even with table filled with food, your centerpiece will still get a lot of attention. It is important that your centerpiece offer more than just a few drab flowers shoved in a plastic container with a turkey affixed to the front. Your centerpiece can be a reflection of your home, your family, and the overall mood of the holiday. To help you create the perfect centerpiece, here are some aspects of the arrangement to remember. 

Height Is Important

In an effort not to have their centerpiece be too obtrusive, some people opt for larger arrangements than they actually need. The centerpiece does need to stand out from the other elements on your table, but not be large enough that people on either side of the table cannot see each other. You do not want to see family and friends leaning around the arrangements to hold conversations. 

At the same time, you do not want the centerpiece to be so small, it is unnoticeable. To ensure you have the right height, experiment with other objects. For instance, you can use water bottles stacked on books to figure out the height. 

Look for Creative Containers

Although a basket or vase are traditional containers for floral arrangements, your holiday table could use some creativity. The container you choose can be something that further ties in the holiday with the centerpiece.  

For instance, a hollowed gourd with a florist foam can hold your arrangement. Not only is it colorful, but ties in with the holiday season. You could even use repurposed tableware, such as a colorful drinking glass to create your centerpiece. 

Mix Up the Texture and Color

During the holidays, you might be tempted to use traditional colors and textures to create your centerpiece. The effect could be the opposite of what you wanted though. Instead of an unique arrangement that wows everyone, you could end up with a centerpiece that looks just like the ones from previous years.  

There are simple ways you can mix up the texture and colors of your centerpiece. For instance, you could incorporate flowers that are not commonly used during the holidays, such as Vanda orchids, chocolate cosmos, and cattails.  

A local florist can help you find other ways to make your centerpiece standout. The florist is familiar with the flowers that are popular options for the holidays and can help you find complementary flowers that are not normally seen in holiday arrangements.

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